Claudette Beals For Mayor of Toronto

Meet Claudette Beals, the grassroots candidate for mayor in Toronto who is dedicated to fighting for marginalized communities. You may know her as the mother of Regis Korchinski-Paquet, whose tragic murder by police during a wellness check in 2020 sparked renewed calls for change. With a focus on police and prison reform, restructuring city council for better representation, and making housing more affordable, Claudette’s platform embodies her vision for a fairer and more just city for all its residents. Join Claudette’s movement for change and vote for her in the upcoming election!”

Join Us!

At the REGIS 4 EVER GALA (Oct 7, 2023), or any one of our upcoming events! Support us by donating, volunteering or sharing. As dedicated grassroots organizers, we have come a long way, tirelessly advocating for the issues that matter most to our communities. However, we have reached a crucial point where material support is vital to ensure the success of Claudette’s campaign.